Gospel Values

Community: If students are to learn that justice and peace are integral to the Gospel message and that their lives must witness to this integration, they must be nurtured in an educational community in which these values are reflected in all policies and regulations that govern the total educational process.

Faith: The Catholic School of the future will be essentially a community of faith, based on a belief in God and a Christian way of life.

Policy Statement

Vision Statement

At Saint Joseph’s the Good News of the Gospels will be lived in the everyday lives and actions of our school community.

Our students will be active learners who are motivated and challenged to experience success in a stimulating learning environment that caters for individual needs.
Through the quality of their interactions at St. Joseph’s, students will realise and actively use their unique talents as a gift from God.

Mission Statement

Inspired by St. Joseph we will endeavour to facilitate learning in which our Catholic identity permeates all areas of the school, living a message of love, acceptance and value.  We will encourage and support individuals as they take responsibility for making positive contributions in a global community throughout their life.

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Any family in the community is entitled to seek enrolment at St Joseph's School.

Preference will be given to:

  • Children baptised Catholic or of Catholic parents.
  • Siblings of children already enrolled in St Joseph's.
  • Children transferring from a Catholic school
  • Children of other religious denominations seeking a Christian education

Entry other than at Preparatory level will be considered on a case by case basis at the discretion of the Principal in consultation with DOSCEL.

All Enrolments at St Joseph's are at the Discretion of the Principal in consultation with DOSCEL.

Parents seeking enrolment must first complete and fill out an ‘Application for Enrolment’ form and sit an interview with school principal

The principal (and where appropriate, a member of DOSCEL), will interview parents who meet the criteria and who wish to enrol their child. At the point of application for enrolment, parents will be made aware of their obligation of payment of school fees

The Principal reserves the right to enrol a child whose special needs can not be specifically met at St. Joseph’s.

Enrolment at St Joseph's school means:

Abiding by the policies and rules of the school and signing the code of conduct.

Treating all within the St. Joseph’s community with dignity and respect.

A willingness to support and participate in the Sacramental programs and school and Parish celebrations

A sincere effort to be involved in social and fundraising events.

A genuine and committed effort to pay school fees except where, in the case of hardship, a payment plan is worked out with DOSCEL / or Principal and the parents are in agreement.


Enrolment procedure: 

Foundation enrolment for siblings generally open in May.  Our school conducts a series of Open Mornings for parents to visit our school.   Tours can be organised upon request.  Following this rarents can contact the school office for an interview time. 

Enrolments for foundation open at the end of May / early June. Again, our school conducts a series of Open Mornings for parents to visit our school. Parents can contact the office to arrange an interview time-normally held in early term three. The interview is held to discuss any social, emotional or academic needs. It involves parents and student for 10 - 15 minutes. The school will contact families by phone at the end of July or early August to notify student placements. 

Orientation for foundation students is held in term 4. The school will have an information evening for parents/guardians of any foundation students to outline school procedures. Prospective foundation students will then have 3 transition mornings where they will meet their foundation teachers and complete some small observational activities. Information for these meetings are sent home to families in term 4.


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