School Rules

Our rules to ensure a happy school environment are:

1. Everyone in our community deserves respect

  • we speak with respect
  • we listen and respond politely when spoken to
  • we do not tolerate teasing or bad language
  • we cooperate so that everyone can learn
  • we wear our uniform with pride

If people disrupt class time they will be removed and may make up for the missed learning time at recess or lunch. Consequences for disrespect will encompass apologies and possibly time out of class (if serious or continual).

2. We all must have responsibility and respect for our own belongings and those of others including school property

  • we do not use things without asking and we make sure that we return things after use
  • we take care of our surroundings

Our consequences for breaches of this rule are to repair, replace or clean anything that is broken, lost or defaced.


3. No one may hurt another person. For this reason

  • we insist on walking inside at all times
  • we insist that bikes are walked on the playground
  • we prohibit throwing objects such as sticks and stones
  • physical violence will not be tolerated

Our consequences for people who hurt others is to remove them from the class or playground. Repeated serious breaches- the degree and timing will increase with each incident.  Continuation of physical violence will result in ongoing removal from the classroom or playground, a behaviour management plan implemented in consultation with parents.   Possible suspension may result if all measures to change behaviour have not been effective.

4. While at school, children must be under adult supervision (During class they are under the care of their teacher, and at playtimes, teachers are on duty outside) For this reason;

  • children may only leave classrooms with teacher permission
  • we have out of bounds areas on our playground
  • children must not be indoors during recess times

Our consequences for choosing to be out of bounds is community service. If children are disorderly while waiting for pickup after school, they will be sent inside to be collected by their parent. To ensure that everyone can play safely and happily we have designated areas of our playground for particular games and age groups.

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