Child Safety and Wellbeing

As you are aware, new standards for Child Safety have been brought into effect for all Victorian Schools as set out in the Ministerial Order 870. Creating child safe school environments is a dynamic process. It is marked by collaboration, vigilance and proactive approaches across policies, procedures, curriculum and practices. It is a process that involves active participation and responsibility by schools, families and their communities.

As a result of the new Victorian Child Safe Standards, schools are now required to undergo more vigorous screening and monitoring of volunteers. Under the Child Safe Standards, school staff includes an individual working in a school environment who is . . . . a volunteer. This means that the stringent checking of referees, work history and so on that applies to the employment of staff in schools, also applies to schools in relation to the engagement of volunteers who are involved in child connected work.

At St Joseph’s, we acknowledge and understand that child safety is the responsibility of every person and is an integral aspect of student wellbeing. We aim to work collaboratively with parents, students and other community members to ensure a safe school environment.

Our commitment to the protection of students is based in our belief that each person is made in the image of God, and our ethos is to provide a safe and supportive environment. All students have the right to expect that the school will always act to protect them from any kind of harm.

Please follow the below links for further information about Child Safety

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All staff, volunteers, contractors, consultants, specialists, clergy and Parent & Friends Association members must sign and adhere to our Child Safety Code of Conduct.​

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