Gospel Values

Community: If students are to learn that justice and peace are integral to the Gospel message and that their lives must witness to this integration, they must be nurtured in an educational community in which these values are reflected in all policies and regulations that govern the total educational process.

Faith: The Catholic School of the future will be essentially a community of faith, based on a belief in God and a Christian way of life.

Policy Statement

Any family in the community is entitled to seek enrolment at St Joseph’s School.
Preference will be given to:

  • Children baptised Catholic or of Catholic parents.
  • Siblings of children already enrolled in St Joseph’s.
  • Children transferring from a Catholic school

Where the school has the capacity, non-Catholic families who are supportive of our Catholic ethos may be enrolled.


To establish enrolment procedures that affords each applicant genuine respect and reflects the school’s aim to be inclusive and accessible regardless of cultural background, disability or ability to pay the full cost of a Catholic schooling.

Implementation & Guidelines

  • The principal will interview parents wishing to enrol their child. During this meeting the principal will advise the parents of the expectations and aspirations of the school and of parent obligations to be involved in and supportive of the school community.
  • At the point of application for enrolment, parents will be made aware of their obligation to support the school financially through the payment of school fees.


  • Parents of new enrolments speak favourably of the enrolment process.
Expression of Interest for Enrolment Application for Enrolment Enrolment Handbook May 2020 Enrolment Policy Application for Early Age Entry to School Form_May 2020