Statement of Beliefs

  • St Joseph’s School provides an environment where children are given the opportunity to develop their potential and develop a strong sense of self worth.
  • St Joseph’s School encourages children to grow into adults who are self-controlled, disciplined, autonomous, and responsible members of society.
  • St Joseph’s School staff is aware of the aspirations of its parents for their children and therefore involves them in the life of the school.
  • St Joseph’s School is a place where children experience a sense of belonging to a family.
  • St Joseph’s enhances staff development and sense of community through prayer, openness and the provision of the opportunity for professional development and sharing of ideas and talents.
  • St Joseph’s School provides a safe and secure environment for the children.
  • St Joseph’s School is a living Christian Community where the dignity of each person is recognized and respected.

St Joseph’s School, as an integral part of the Parish of Warragul, providing a sound knowledge of Catholic values, traditions and beliefs.